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Wadi El Gemal National Park

Shams Alam Beach Resort is located south of Marsa Alam in “The Wadi El Gemal National Park” ( meaning “Valley of the Camels” ). With choosing Shams Alam Beach Resort your hotel destination is directly located in an extensive area of land, mountains & sea and includes many diverse ecological habitats and a rich variety of animal and bird types including several endangered species.


Approx. 5000 square kilometer includes several islands, a stretch of mangrove rich coast line and an extensive mountainous area inland which surround one of Egypt’s largest desert Wadis. Animals that inhabit the wadi include many rare species such as the Nubian Ibex and the Hyrax as well as wild donkeys, camels and gazelle.

The entrance

The entrance to Wadi El Gemal National Park is situated approx. 50km south of Marsa Alam, opposite the Shams Alam Beach Resort. In short steps you are walking into a nature whose impressions will delight you, whether along the beach or back towards the desert.

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From Shams Alam Beach Resort you can start a rich cultural experience to thousands of years of history and the continuous practice of age old traditions. Ancient Egyptian temples, tombs and other monuments in Luxor or Edfu, such as sarcophagi, mummies or a sound and light show at the Temple of Philae can be reached from our resort.

LUXOR, Valley of the Kings

Situated on the ancient site of Thebes, on Luxor West Bank, the Valley of Kings is the ancient burial ground of many of Egypt’s New Kingdom rulers. A truly impressive site! There, you will find Tutankhamen’s tomb which was discovered almost intact in 1922 and the tomb of Ramses IV, among others 63 tombs on site.

Karnak Temple Complex

The Karnak Temple Complex is home to three main temples, several smaller enclosed temples, and a number of outer temples – combining the achievements of many generations of ancient builders over a period of 1500 years. Around thirty different pharaohs contributed to the building process of this site, enabling it to reach a size, complexity and diversity not seen elsewhere. It was after all the New Kingdom’s most sacred site.

The Karnak Sound & Light Show

The sound and light show at the Karnak Temple complex narrates the achievements of great Pharaohs, while describing the ancient treasures of ancient Thebes. As visitors walk through the complex, the pharaohs arise to tell the story of their interesting lives, as haunting music mysteriously flows through this ancient city. Illuminated, the ruins seem more magnificent than ever.

EDFU, Temple of Horus

The well preserved Ptolemaic Temple of Horus is the second biggest temple in Egypt. Second only to the Temple of Karnak in sheer size, the temple was one of the last attempts by the Ptolemaic dynasty at building in the style and grandeur of their predecessors. Construction on the site took about 200 years. Well preserved hieroglyphs have shed light on the practices of the cult of Horus and associated temples. The temple is believed to have been built on the site of the great Horus-Seth battle

Distance Edfu approx. 270 km

Distance Luxor approx. 350 km

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