Wadi Gimal Park

Land of Nature....

Wadi Gimal Park

Wadi Gimal Park located on 350km south of Hurghada and 50Km south of Marsa Alam with total area 4,770km² of land and 2,000km² of marine waters. you could found more information about Wadi Gimal Park Here

Wadi Gimal Park

Different Aspects of the Natural Park

* Geological structure and landscape. * Magnificent plant cover * Marvellous wild animals * Wonderful marine life * Unique cultural mix Roman * Islamic and Ababda

Geological structure and landscap

* Part of Eastern Desert which is a mountainous desert landscape: * Highest mountain tip (Hamata 1975m.) * 3rd largest wadi in Egypt, (Wadi El Gemal) * Many Geological structures: * Sand Dunes, Dikes, Folds Wells and Magals,…….. * Mining area, Elmanite, Quartz and Granite,…..

Magnificent plant cover

* 140 recorded different plant * species * 135 with grazing value * 38 with medicinal value * 30 used as food or drinks * 12 used as fuel resource * 8 used as timber resource

Marvellous wild animals

* 29 Reptiles species * 28 Mammals species * 90 Birds species

Wonderful marine life

* Sea Mammals * Sea turtles * Sea grasses * 80 hard coral species * 11 soft coral species * 104 fish species * 9 Mangrove stands * Inaddition to:Fantasticsandy beaches and Uniquedive sites * Five beautiful islands

Unique cultural mix Roman, Islamic and Ababda

* Roman Road * 36 Archaeological sites Stations, wells, Forts and Emerald Mining areas * Islami cshrines * Ababda tribes

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